Carburettor Rebuild

Servicing the carburettor is quite straightforward, as long as you have all the parts. Ordering new parts can be a bit tricky but there are a few good firms out there like

The process is quite straightforward:

  • Take the old carburettor apart completely
  • Thoroughly clean all parts (I use an ultrasonic parts cleaner)
  • Make sure that all passages are clear of oil, dirt and debris. You should clean parts by blowing through them only; ideally try not to stick needles through it if not necessary. Carb cleaning tools can damage the passages and create places for dirt to gather.
  • Should your carb be extremely dirty, you can use a carb cleaning tool like this one:

Carb Rebuild Tool

  • Put the carburettor back together, but make sure you put the right jet in the right area. The starter jet is size 70, the stationary jet is 40. Do not confuse them if you want a properly running machine.
  • Finally, make sure that the starter piston is not missing the rubber seal; otherwise it will be always on; here’s a picture of the piston missing a seal:

Carb Rebuild 41

You can order a new one from the nice people at  they carry the part as a ‘Bing Startkolben – 53/24/201/201’.

When taken apart, the carburettor, type 1/24/116 (refer to the diagram in the documentation section or the spare parts list elsewhere on this site) looks like this:


A jumble of parts, so here’s how you can rebuild the carburettor in order:

Carb Rebuild 01Carb Rebuild 02Carb Rebuild 03Carb Rebuild 04Carb Rebuild 05Carb Rebuild 06Carb Rebuild 07Carb Rebuild 08Carb Rebuild 09Carb Rebuild 10Carb Rebuild 11Carb Rebuild 20Carb Rebuild 21Carb Rebuild 22Carb Rebuild 23Carb Rebuild 24Carb Rebuild 25Carb Rebuild 26Carb Rebuild 27Carb Rebuild 30Carb Rebuild 31Carb Rebuild 4020141223_100339Carb Rebuild 3220141220_135236Carb Rebuild 33

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