Support bars

Please note: I have not yet verified the below order is correct through mounting the foot boards.

The Bella has two horizontal support bars; one in front of the engine and one behind. The bars are hexagonal with thread at the end. They are not equally as long; the longest bar goes in front.

Support bar parts

To  these bars various parts are connected. Up front:

  • The shift lever
  • A foot board support bracket left
  • The brake switch support plate
  • A foot board support bracket (right)

And at the rear:

  • Foot board support bracket right
  • Chain guard left

Front support bar

Pipe bushings are fit between the various parts and these are of various sizes. It’s a bit of a puzzle to get these right, but his order works for the front:

  1. Insert the longest hexagonal support bar
  2. Insert the pipe bushing between the engine support brackets; there are two that fit and either is fine
  3. Push the longest pipe bushing over the right hand side
  4. Fit a shift lever washer with the longest diameter facing toward the centre. This washer is bespoke; It’s M14 with outer diameter 28mm decreasing for half of the washer in a quarter circle to 26mm. It is 4mm thick.
  5. Fit a rubber O-ring of size 24x28x4 to the right of the washer
  6. Fit the shift lever including the inner bushing. Do not yet fit the foot pegs on the shift lever or the foot board won’t slide over it. You will notice that the O-ring fits perfectly between the inner washer and the shift lever as both have a 2 mm quarter circle cut out of them. The O-ring will hold the grease in.
  7. Fit the outer O-ring
  8. Fit the outer shift lever washer
  9. Fit the small foot board support bracket on the right so the top part points toward the rear.
  10. Add washer and nut.
  11. Add the second smallest pipe bushing to the left hand side of the support bar.
  12. Add one of the two large support brackets to the left
  13. Add the smallest pipe bushing
  14. Add the brake light support plate
  15. Add nut and ring

Steps 3-10 look like this:


The whole looks like this:


The shift lever should be quite tight and not have too much movement. If it does, the inner bushings or the internal pipe bushing may need replacing:


Rear support bar

  1. Hold the pipe bushing between the rear support brackets
  2. Insert the hexagonal smaller support bar
  3. Add the shortest pipe bushing left and the longest right. That should see all pipe bushings fitted except the pipe bushings used for the main stand; but this one can be recognised because of its length just fitting between the stand support brackets
  4. Add the remaining large support bracket to right hand side
  5. Add the chain guard to the left.
  6. Add washer and nut (note: the rear right hand side foot board is supported by a bracket on the exhaust)

The result looks as follows (note the chain guard is not yet mounted)


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