Brake shoe lining replacement

Here are the brake shoes on my Bella. They are not quite done, but as long as they are out they should be replaced:


They are luckily of the riveted kind; which means they can be replaced. There are six rivets per lining:


First drill the existing rivets out by putting the brake shoe in a vise:


Don’t drill fully through as that is likely to damage the shoe itself, just get rid of the worst of the copper or brass rivets and then take a punch to it. It will look like this:


Once the shoes come off, you can sand them to prepare them for the new lining. As most linings contain asbestos ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.

Brake shoe lining and rivets can be bought for the Bella from . Rivets (4x8mm) are 0.40 EUR each and the lining is 10.90 EUR per lining (H1 2014); you will need two.

20140705_184604 20140705_184526

Next install the lining using the rivets. A great method is to use a punch in your vise, put the rivet on top and use a transfer punch on top that will widen the rivet:

20140705_184948 20140705_184752 20140705_185008 20140705_184628

Repeat five more times and the job is done:

20140705_190706 20140705_190710 20140705_190725

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