Testing the regulator – part 5

After fixing the wiring (finally) I put the Bella back together and tested the regulator in place:

Runs like a charm now; I’m very pleased…

Overall, Bella looks almost ready for the Treffen week after next. Battery cover, flower emblem and a few things to do yet, but it’s looking good:

I took Bella for a testdrive and she handles very well and runs very nicely. The gear shifting is a bit clunky going up in gears (from 4th to 1), but going down is smooth as could be. Probably just a little getting used to.

Also tricky is the gear shift on the right; when you’re used to a normal motorcycle that takes a bit of getting used to.

Also very ‘so so’ brakes, but that comes with the era… A very comfortable ride so far though. Hardly any vibration and nice acceleration! Definitely no danger in city traffic.