Engine holder

How to Build a Bella Engine Stand

Step 1: Buy a standard engine stand. A Clarke engine stand works for 80 GBP but T-shaped frames (which are slightly less stable) can be had new from 40 GBP. Just make sure the mounting plate is similar:

Engine stand

Step 2: Buy 4 Unistrut 4-Hole 90° Angle Fittings and put an angle grinder to them. Note, the brackets are not symmetrical, use the long ends for the top of the engine, the small ends for the bottom. These go for around 10 GBP on e-bay:


Step 3: Mount the brackets to the engine holder plate using 6 M12 x 40 bolts and the engine to the brackets using one M8 x 110 and one M10 x 80 bolt. A rubber bushing in the strut holes is recommended for the M8 bolt, but it works without.


Step 4: Turn that engine 360 degrees for easy access.


Total cost, just under 100 GBP. The engine in the picture is from an R204; other engines have not been tested, but should work if they adhere to the following measurements.

Engine stand measurements

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