Restoring a vintage motorcycle or scooter is hard enough when you have all the parts. It gets a lot harder when you’re missing some key parts.

For restoring my Zündapp Bella I used the following sources, contacts and suppliers.

Screws, bolts, washers and nuts: have an excellent range of stainless steel bolts, screws, washers and nuts. You’ll have to order a minimum number for each item, but I find you get through quite a few. The thumb screws, slotted pins, various forms of washers are also good to have. Shipping cost is reasonable and service is good. This is a no-go for anyone who wants to only use authentic screws and bolts, but I prefer materials that last and will ease maintenance in the future.


Try your luck on e-bay or your local internet marketplace. You will be surprised what you can find locally. Zündapp for example exported to many countries.

There are also a number of people and companies that specialise in supplying parts for specific makes or that have a small business on the side. The following contacts were very useful for me:

  • Helmut and Iris Bougé; they run a small business supplying Bella parts. Their knowledge is great and they have a lot of what you will need and can’t find. A lot will be second hand of course. Their web address is:
    They have an English version and catalog on request. Here is a 2012 catalog: Ersatzteilkatalog022012
  • Anna Giordano trades under ‘myoldscooter’ on e-bay and regularly has Zündapp Bella parts. She’s been great in supplying parts including some New Old Stock (NOS)

Electrics is a German website that specialises in oldtimer parts. They have various rubber parts but also supply electric cabling for various Zündapp models, brakeshoes etc. A great supplier.

For small parts I’ve been using They have a good webshop.

While I have tried to keep my Bella as original as possible I did make one exception: the voltage regulator. Udo Kleiber makes high quality electronic regulators that fit the original base plate; what could be easier? You can find his website under
He makes them for many makes and models; worth a look.

Another supplier is


The Bella R204 has a Bing carb type 1/24/116. I ordered what needed to be replaced from a great German firm called Faak-Tillmanns. They have a webshop:

On their site you can find a diagram of the carb for your model and use that to order whatever is needed. With a SEPA payment, easy to do.

Rear shock absorber

KYB 442001 can be used as a replacement shock.

Seat cover

Ralf Büttner ( in Germany an provide separate new covers and also fit them if that’s not your thing.

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