Various Zündapp wiring diagrams have been collected in this section from various sources.

Zündapp Bella R204

Generic Zündapp Bella Wiring Diagrams

Zündapp Bella R204 Wiring Diagram from the owner’s manual

Wiring Harness Instructions

In addition it is good to know about the wiring to use:

  • From battery to the starter motor if you have a Dynastart model (R201, R203, R204, R175, Bella 200): the max load of the starter motor is around 100 amps, but this lasts only a second. For 100 amps you’d need 16 mm2 wire. Some Bella’s do have this gauge installed, but it is oversized and unwieldly. 10 mm2 will be fine and quite a few Bella riders use a quality 4mm2 cable with good connectors.
  • For all other connections 1.5mm2 suffices. You can use 2.5mm if you feel antsy but 1.5mm2 is good for 16 amps. The generator produces max 100 watt / 12V = 8.33 amps when charging, so 1.5mm is really adequate.
  • What does make a difference is having good connectors. Take the little bit of extra time to solder the connections if it all possible and an extra grounding cable where frame connections are used can also be good.
  • Always ensure that front lighting current back to the engine goes through a wire to the frame or the engine and not through the front fork steering bearings. The current will damage the bearings over time if you do.

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