Mixing fuel for Bella

The Zündapp Bella has a two stroke engine; this means it needs mix fuel. The manual states 1:25 mix ratio, but you will have to check what works best for your scooter; I currently mix 1:35 which works OK; I could probably go slightly higher.

The days when you could get mix fuel at the gas station seem to be over, so that means mixing your own fuel.

I have two methods; I keep small bottles with oil at hand that I can use to fill the tank on the road (e.g. a 100 ml bottle with two stroke oil can be mixed with 2.5 liters of fuel, 200ml with 5 liters etc. This works quite well; I write instructions on the bottle to make sure I don’t use the wrong ratio.

I also indulged in a fuel mix pump that still needs to be restored, but once done it will work with whatever ratio is needed:


These used to be at many gas stations in the Netherlands, but they are quite rare now and most are owned by classic motoring enthusiasts; expect to pay between 300 and 450 EUR if you’re lucky enough to find one. Then there are the restoration costs.

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